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In a recent interview with the It’s My Wrestling Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and TNA Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett discussed several topics including the upcoming AEW Owen Hart Cup and the Owen Hart Foundation, recent WWE releases, ROH’s announcement regarding their hiatus and more.

The full interview is available at this link, with highlights below.

Jeff shared his thoughts on the upcoming AEW Owen Hart Cup and the Owen Hart Foundation: I was elated. I was super excited. You know at the end of the day, Martha, Oje and Athena, they absolutely know the husband, the father, the family man, that Owen was as did us that were friends and knew him personally and professionally. But there’s a entirely new generation of professional wrestling fans and I was just talking to somebody recently, they asked me about this and you know, whether it’s trials or tribulations or championships or whatever it may be – those definitely just come and go but a legacy is something that lives on forever. Owen’s legacy of not only the human being he was but the incredible athlete and the performer. He, like myself, grew up in this industry. His father was a promoter. My father was a promoter, that was our original connection. So you know, the family band and travelling up and down the roads and everything that goes with that. Kudos to everyone involved. I mean, everyone involved in the decision to bring this to light and most importantly, Martha, that now Owen’s legacy is going to be known and shared with the world. Most importantly is the foundation is going to continue to grow and grow and the awareness is going to continue to grow, and it’s going to be able to impact lives in a really positive way. Sure Owen had great matches and was and a fantastic family man and husband and everything we know about Owen – and rumor has it he was pretty good prankster! His legacy being able to impact lives in 2021 and 2022 moving forward, that’s something that is very inspiring to me and I could could not be happier for all involved.

Jeff spoke on his brief tenure with WCW, leaving WWF in 1995 WCW, only staying 1 year before returning to WWF: I originally signed with the WWE in 93 on a 3 year deal and then that came to the end. My point of contact was Eric (Bischoff) and I think we both agreed look – he had Hogan, Savage, Hall, Nash. I mean, there had just been a massive amount of new signings. I mean there were others as well, and then there were renegotiation’s so you know, from the place that I was coming from I thought it was best for me. I think Eric agreed and obviously must have thought it was best that okay, let’s see how this works out for a year, and that was what we came to so it was a one year agreement from the very beginning. When I signed the deal I know that I was like, let’s do it one year see how it is and I’d love to get a nice bump, a nice raise. That’s what we’re in this industry for is is to keep going up in salary and so that’s what my goal was. I didn’t dream that I would be going back to the WWF so quickly at that time, but that’s how it worked out.

Jeff Jarrett spoke on the recent talent releases from WWE and ROH, what these releases mean for the industry and who he sees benefiting the most: They’re like a nice buffet for Jeff to pick here and pick there but I’ll just say this – for WWE to have that many talent to release is quite remarkable, as much as the releases are, but it’s the industry and the world we live in. With the pandemic and the ebbs and flows of our industry, but I’m not going to let you know who I would pick. I’m going to keep that between my ears. But I will say this – I do not believe when you look at say pre-pandemic, 2018/2019 leading up to the pandemic and then now, the amount of uncropped, uncontracted or independent contractors that that out there that are available and aren’t tied down contractually – I don’t believe it’s been a better opportunity for the open market. You know, like in the real estate business there can be buyer’s and seller’s market. I just say there’s a lot of opportunity out there for all involved. The independent promotions are going to benefit from this and I think they have the opportunity that they’ve never ever had. When you go back to when we started TNA in 2002, coming off the demise and the close of WCW there wasn’t a lot of talent quote, unquote, on the market but as time has gone along, and like I said, Ring Of Honor and all the different promotions and the connectivity with social media and digital age, the opportunity for independent promotions today has never been this great.