In an interview with Sporting News to discuss his WWE Hall Of Fame induction and other topics, Jeff Jarrett discussed why WWE’s timing on the call was the right time.

“Well, you know, some people have asked it in different ways but I think the real simple answer is it really is the very first opportunity. Up through, we’ll say from 2002 to end of 2017, there really wasn’t an opportunity. When I closed the chapter, I’ll say, in the book with TNA in 2013, literally within, it was under 30 days – it was 20, 25 days – I was already into a production agreement with a production company based out of Los Angeles.

We basically just named the company April of 2014 and from then until I went back with Impact, with Anthem (which bought Impact in early 2017), in 2017 and then the merger (with his company Global Force Wrestling) starting to take place. Jan. 2018 it is, without getting into too much long-winded explanation, that’s the real fact of the matter.

I was contractually bound whether that prevented them or not. On my end, I kind of think it may or may not have been a factor. This January was the first real opportunity, in my eyes.”

The interview is available in full at this link.