Former TNA Wrestling superstar and one of the founders of the company Jeff Jarrett could possibly be returning to the company, according to a report from John Pollock of Live Audio Wrestling who noted that Anthem Sports & Entertainment, which happens to be the parent company of Live Audio Wrestling and the company that are now funding TNA Wrestling, have been meeting with Jarrett.

Meanwhile, a report from notes that discussions between the two sides began on Monday, December 5th and that Jarrett has been specifically meeting and talking with Anthem Sports & Entertainment’s Ed Nordholm, who is now overseeing the day to day operations of TNA Wrestling and that while Jarrett has not been at TNA Wrestling’s headquarters, the pair went out of their way to meet in secret for exploratory discussions and that those discussions took place partially so that Nordholm could get more of a background on TNA Wrestling and different aspects of how the company operated over several different time periods.

The report from Pollock notes that there is no agreement at this time for Jarrett to return to the company that he helped found with his father Jerry and that Anthem Sports & Entertainment are seeking to bolster the TNA Wrestling creative side with a new writer to replace Dave Lagana who resigned last month, as well as another 2-3 additional creative team members.