Glenn Moore sent along the following:

On this week’s Dinner With The King co-hosts Jerry “The King” Lawler and Glenn Moore are joined by “The Mouth from the South” Jimmy Hart to talk about Hulk Hogan and his career in Memphis. The question about a possible Hulk Hogan return to the WWE came up and both The King and Hart answered (37:44 mark of show).

Lawler: “In the wrestling world, you never say never. I thought it was way big over-reaction what happened with Hulk in this most recent situation — the reason why he’s not in WWE at the moment. But I think that has definitely blown over. It was never a big deal to begin with. And I don’t think anybody even thinks about that anymore. I do think a lot of people would like to see Hulk come back. I think, right now, the ball is in Hulk’s court. If he wants to come back, I think he would definitely be able to come back.”

Hart: “You have seen clips of the Hulk being sprinkled into video packages lately on WWE programming. So I think one day that Hulk will be back where he deserves to be, with the WWE. I really do.”

This episode also includes talk about Hogan’s first few matches in Memphis, his career, and Hart and The King share some Memphis stories. The King also talks about David Crosby’s tweet about wrestling and answering the question from people: Is wrestling fake?

You can listen to this week’s show by clicking here.