Jim Crockett Jr, a second-generation promoter who inherited Crockett Promotions following the passing of his father, has passed away at the age of 76, as first revealed by WWE Hall of Famer and former National Wrestling Alliance star Robert Gibson of The Rock N’ Roll Express.

Crockett Jr was put on hospice care in recent days, as he was said to be dealing with liver and kidney failure.

Crockett Jr, who as mentioned above, inherited Crockett Promotions from his father, Jim Crockett Sr, competed with Vince McMahon during the 1980’s and was elected NWA President for his first term in 1980, for his second term in 1985 and his third term in 1987. Crockett sold Jim Crockett Promotions to Ted Turner in November of 1988, with the promotion going on to become World Championship Wrestling, while Crockett remained on as a consultant of the new company for a short time and remained President of the National Wrestling Alliance until 1991.

Crockett Jr has often stated that he was the one who essentially bankrolled the first WrestleMania event, as he paid $1 million at the time to buy Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation out of their timeslot on TBS after Vince McMahon had taken it over from the Georgia Championship Wrestling promotion during the World Wrestling Federation’s national expansion. Vince McMahon purchasing the timeslot led to the audience being in uproar, as they were expecting Gordon Solie and names that they had become accustomed to and revolted against getting World Wrestling Federation material on tape from various locations instead of their weekly studio show.

Crockett Jr, after his non-compete expired attempted to make a comeback in the business running shows under the National Wrestling Alliance banner in Texas for a short period and partnered with Paul Heyman in 1994 in an attempt to launch a group titled the World Wrestling Network, who were to film in High Definition many years before that became common technology, however things did not pan out as the project ended after a two tapings, one in Texas and one in New York City, with Heyman continuing on with his running of Extreme Championship Wrestling, while Crockett quietly moved into the real estate world.

On behalf of Wrestling-News.Net, we would like to extend our condolences to the family, friends and fans of Jim Crockett Jr, one the most influential and important promoters of all time.