WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross noted on a recent edition of his podcast that he believes that former ROH World Champion and BULLET CLUB member Adam Cole will be WWE-bound next month.

“My guess is that Adam Cole is going to the WWE in April, that is the word on the street. That has been kind of a bad secret for quite some time. Nonetheless, they had a hell of a wrestling match, and Adam Cole did everything that a true pro should do by passing the torch.

Adam Cole doing what he did – doing the honors, ensured that Christopher Daniels beat somebody to become the Ring of Honor champion, and that means the line of succession continues where the man that faces Christopher Daniels guarantees that Daniels would do the right thing, and the new champion, whoever that might be, whenever it may be, would have beat somebody, so great show from Vegas.

I have been told by the FiteAPP folks that it set records of the Ring of Honor pay per views on the app, so congratulations are in order. One hell of a wrestling show and am really proud of your effort.”

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