In a recent interview with Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN, All Elite Wrestling commentator Jim Ross discussed several topics, including the company working with both IMPACT Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

“I think, as it relates to IMPACT, that’s done through the cooperative efforts of nature of Tony Khan. Don Callis is a part of the management team at IMPACT and the on-camera manager of Kenny Omega.

I think I’m going to sound bad saying this, I’m sure, I think this relationship has helped IMPACT more than it’s helped AEW, but I don’t know that we’re measuring, I don’t know that we’re judging quite frankly. If it helps the wrestling business and it makes it more fan-friendly, then we all win. Tony Khan’s philosophy is to do business with everyone that we want that can help our brand, I think that’s kind of the concept and I don’t think it’s going to end with IMPACT.

I’d love to see us do more with New Japan, I had my little run there for three years doing New Japan voiceovers with Josh Barnett, I developed a friendship with a lot of those guys, just like I’ve done with this roster. I’m pulling for them, I know how talented a lot of those dudes are, I would like to see a pay-per-view with Okada challenging Kenny Omega for the AEW Title. That’s easy layup booking, but there’s a history there, there’s a backstory, you could lead into this thing for weeks and weeks until the day came for the big event, so things like that excite me.

They’ve got a lot of great talent over there that could match up with some of our guys. Darby Allin would be great, Jericho had his run there and drew money, he sold tickets. I think there’s a possibility that could happen down the road, I’m not in that circle, I’m not leaking any information that I shouldn’t be talking about out of school, but I just think it makes too much common sense that once these COVID issues have been better addressed globally, I think that could happen. It may not be this year, but I think somewhere down the road. We’re not going away, they’re not going away, so when the time is right, you never know, I think it’d be fun for the fans.”

The interview is available in full at this link.