In a blog post on his official website, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on the debut of the Cruiserweight Division on WWE RAW.

“Cruiserweight match was fun to watch but the four way felt somewhat predictable but was a good production. I hope that these newly arriving talents get all the creative love that they deserve and can be facilitated to mean all that they can. This grouping of athletic performers is a breath of fresh air on WWE’s three hour, flagship broadcast. Suggestion: The Cruiserweights must speak on TV.

Today’s TV audience will be challenged to emotionally invest if they can’t hear the talents speak about their career, their matches, being champion, etc. In hindsight, I’d have suggested to expose the new Cruiserweight Champion on TV before determining his #1 contender. Not a huge matter either way but I did not leave RAW thinking that the Cruiserweights were as special as I had hoped.

I’d love to see the Cruiserweights booked with the same credibility as the Women and perhaps they will in the future. Are my expectations regarding the Cruiserweights too lofty? If so, that’s on me.”

The blog is available in full at this link.