In a recent episode of his Grillin’ JR podcast on AdFreeShows, All Elite Wrestling commentator Jim Ross discussed several topics, including whether this year could potentially be his last year as a wrestling announcer.

“I think so, it’s realistic to think that way. I’m 72 years old, I feel good, I’m getting healthier every day, which is great, but I can think realistically, this could be my last year and more than likely will, that’s to be determined, that’s between me, my health and Tony Khan seeing how much to utilize me.

Right now, it’s a good plan because I’m essentially working, as I understand it, pay-per-views only, so that’s where you’ll find me once a month as the plan goes as we speak. We all know that in pro wrestling, things change on a fly and things can be different, but I don’t think so on this occasion.”

The full episode and all episodes are available at this link.