In a video released on his official Instagram account, new WWE RAW commentator Jimmy Smith commented on the news regarding his new role with WWE.

|Apparently, they’ve liked the work I’ve done so far. I did my audition for them, what was it, two months ago, three months ago. They liked it. I worked with Corey Graves calling fights/matches, they loved it, they thought it was great.

It was a lot of fun to do and they were kicking around, kind of, where to put me and what to do and I did NXT, the pre-show of the NXT show, they liked that a lot, and then this opportunity came up and here I am.

The proof is in how I do Monday night, that’s everything. I’m on Monday, so if you don’t like it, I’ll know Tuesday morning, if you do like it, I’ll know Tuesday morning.”

The video is available in full at this link.