In an update on Ring Of Honor Wrestling and Joey Mercury parting ways earlier this week in what was described as a mutually agreed upon decision, Mercury took to social media today, sharing details on issues behind the scenes in Ring of Honor and put ROH GM Greg Gilleland on blast for his treatment of talent as well as several other issues.

Mercury accused Ring of Honor of providing an unsafe work environment for talent, pointing out how there is no security or no medical staff at events, how there are no women on creative and how ROH is the worst looking wrestling on or off television. Mercury claimed that Shane Taylor, who is the current ROH World TV Champion, will not be re-signed by the company on January 1st and that Taylor had not been informed of this decision.

Mercury accused Gilleland of not taking proper care of Jay Lethal after his arm was broken during the recent ROH Honor United tour and revealed why the company’s relationship with Alex Shelley has fallen apart, calling Gilleland a liability who is inexperienced and unqualified to generate revenue in his field and accused Gilleland of taking advantage of Bandido. Mercury also put Gilleland and the company on blast for not implementing proper concussion protocol and accused Gilleland of allowing Kelly Klein to travel to South Africa to wrestle despite having a brain injury.

Mercury recalled how he treated Flip Gordon’s elbow dislocation with the help of Bandido and Brody King instead of Ring of Honor providing the proper care and showed proof that Gilleland accused him of being high at shows and said that he wondered why he wasn’t given a drug test if that was the case. Mercury said that hypothetically, the contracts of Shane Taylor and Bandido are scheduled to expire on January 1st, while PJ Black’s contract is scheduled to expire on February 1st and said that the be a fan incident with Bully Ray was due to ROH not having security and putting Bully Ray in that position.