Former IMPACT Wrestling superstar Joey Ryan (Joseph R. Meehan) is seeking judgment against the company and their parent company, Anthem, alleging that they took too long to respond to his lawsuit, according to a report from

The report notes that Ryan is requesting judgment in his favor from the Circuit Court of Davidson County, Tennessee, claiming that IMPACT/Anthem had 30 days, with an additional 30-day extension, to respond to his lawsuit which was filed on September 24th and that IMPACT responded to the lawsuit on December 4th.

For those wondering, Ryan filed a breach of contract lawsuit against IMPACT Wrestling back in September, seeking $10 million in damages after he was released by the company in June due to allegations made against him during the Speaking Out movement.

Anthem, in their response, denied all of the allegations against them, arguing that Ryan’s contract indeed ran through August 2021 unless earlier terminated and claimed that Ryan mistates the contents of his exhibits, including his IMPACT Wrestling contract, that IMPACT Wrestling commented publicly about Ryan’s exit, so that Anthem’s audience would not expect immediate appearances by Plaintiff at wrestling events produced by them and denied that they breached the terms of his deal.

Ryan’s attorney meanwhile claims that Anthem is not an incompetent or a minor, but failed and refused to answer the lawsuit in a timely manner, thus the request for judgment.