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Cena will star in a humorous, inspirational social campaign promoting new MET-Rx products

NEW YORK — MET-Rx, the number one meal replacement brand in sports nutrition, today announced a new multi-year partnership with WWE legend, A-list actor, and philanthropist John Cena. Cena, whose extreme dedication to fitness and nutrition has rocketed him from Gold’s Gym to WWE fame, and from the ring to the red carpet, will star in a new high-energy MET-Rx digital campaign, flexing his fit physique and comedic talents to amplify the brand’s commitment to fueling greatness and inspiring big wins with its high- protein products.

This partnership is a full-circle moment for Cena, who has turned to MET-Rx products for 30 years to supplement his high-protein diet and fuel intense workouts. Growing up in West Newbury, Mass., Cena recalls meek beginnings as a scrawny and timid 100-pound teen before implementing the disciplined routine that would set his life’s path. Finding solace and determination in the gym, he began educating himself about fitness and nutrition, transforming into a formidable 225 lbs. athlete poised for a collegiate football career and, ultimately, WWE superstardom.

“MET-Rx is the original sports nutrition brand, with products I can authentically and enthusiastically recommend because I’ve been using them since the 90s to meet my protein goals and power through workouts,” said Cena. “MET-Rx meal replacement bars prepare me to FLEX big in the ring, in the gym, and on set. I can’t wait to share them and inspire others to challenge themselves and achieve their own goals with this new campaign.”

Giving a nod to the brand’s OG status as the original meal replacement nutrition line, Cena’s new MET-Rx FLEX campaign is a campy sendup of 90s inspirational fitness videos and gym culture, complete with flashing neon colors, full-body spandex and fanny packs. Each spot portrays Cena’s trademark comedic energy as he flexes, poses, and passionately endorses the benefits of MET-Rx nutrition bars while sharing how these products fueled his own successes. Following a call to action to be revealed later this month on TikTok, Cena will personally engage with and respond to the most inspiring and impressive FLEXES shared by his legions of superfans, offering a chance to connect with him in a unique, shareable way.

“The fact that John Cena has used MET-Rx products as part of his fitness regime for three decades, along with his unique ability to authentically connect with people of all walks of life, make him the perfect partner for our next phase of growth,” said Bree Randall, Marketing Director of MET-Rx. “John’s dedication to excellence, relentless pursuit of greatness and genuine passion for educating people about fitness and nutrition will motivate fans to embrace their own ‘MET-Rx FLEX’ and reach their full potential with the help of MET-Rx.”

This multi-year collaboration with Cena will amplify MET-Rx’s winning Big Nutrition, Big Satisfaction product positioning across social media, digital platforms, and in-store activations. Through this partnership, MET-Rx aims to be the best option for complete nutrition and meal replacement while empowering individuals to push their limits and fuel their ambitions with products that deliver real results. MET-Rx products can be found at 7-Eleven, Walmart and other select retailers, and exclusive MET-Rx bundles will be available through Metrx.com and TikTok this month.

To learn more about MET-Rx® and the “MET-Rx Flex” campaign, visit www.metrx.com.

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