In an interview with Logan Paul as part of the Impaulsive Podcast, John Cena discussed several topics, including his early acting career, why he feels that those movies were not a success and more.

“The reason, one of the many reasons a lot of those early projects weren’t successful is I wanted to be back in the ring, I look at those images in the wall in your gym when you’re in mid-air and the people behind you are like, yo look at this dude’s face.

That doesn’t happen on a movie set, that doesn’t happen, it is radio silent and it is really finite and the days are long. You have to have a certain mindset.

As a young man in the travelling business with every town going f***ing nuts, I did not have that mindset, every time I had this golden ticket of an opportunity, I was like, I want to be back in the ring and the project sucked because I always wanted to be elsewhere.”

The full interview is available at this link.