In a recent interview with WWE’s The Bump, legendary WWE superstar John Cena discussed several topics, including reuniting with The Rock during a recent episode of WWE SmackDown.

“Thank you for the question, I want to adjust it a little bit. What was it like to see a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time, and in between the times we’ve spent with each other, I’ve openly kind of come to a realization that the first foray into us competing against each other was probably a professional mistake on my part, and I’ve been very apologetic and open with my apology that the way I conducted business was in the realm of trying to do good business, and we did great business.

It was really nice to see a friend, he was actually generous with his time, we could actually converse for a little bit, and that’s the first time we’d seen each other since publicly apologizing for that, and I just wanted to make sure you heard it from me face-to-face as well, and it was really nice to see a friend.

Respect is something that’s one of my core values, it’s on every hat, it’s on every shirt, it’s on every towel, but I believe respect is earned, and I think mutual respect for your peers, it needs to be reciprocal, you’ve got to have a certain candor and a certain respect to gain that respect. I always say it’s a boomerang, what you throw out there is going to come back at you.”

The full episode is available at this link.