Dragon Gate USA Open The Freedom Gate Champion, Johnny Gargano, who many expected to drop the title last night to Akira Tozawa, took to the mic after last night’s DGUSA Untouchable 2012 event following his victory over Tozawa to address his DGUSA status.

Johnny pointed out a young fan in the crowd and says that he was the same age as that kid when he went to his first wrestling show, which just so happened to be an independent wrestling show and he fell in love with the business. Johnny said that every kid talks about main eventing WrestleMania and while that is still his dream, he wanted to be an independent professional wrestler. Gargano said that it upsets him when guys say that they’re on the independent scene to get to the next level and that those guys are cheating the fans out of their money, whereas he comes out night in and night out and gives everyone their money’s worth.

Johnny then noted that everyone is talking about his future as his deal has expired and stated that he has been offered a new contract by the office, however it pains him to see the current state of independent professional wrestling and that independent professional wrestling is slowly dying because a lot of people feel that they can make money in Florida and while he is not faulting those guys, he is not going to jump off a sinking ship and he is going to get the wheel and steer independent professional wrestling to where it needs to go. Gargano then stated that it is a goodbye of sorts, as when he won the title he was just a kid who was happy to be in DGUSA with a dream and now he is a man with a mission to make the title and DGUSA the premiere place in wrestling. Gargano then promised that he will not leave DGUSA until his job and mission is done, said that he was offered a new deal from DGUSA and took it as independent wrestling and DGUSA is in his blood and that as long as he is here, the fans will get their money’s worth.

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