In a recent interview with Bleav In Pro Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling star Jon Moxley discussed several topics, including why he considers Bryan Danielson to be the most perfect pure pro wrestler that has ever lived.

“If you just picked him up, and stuck him in any ring in the world, whether it be the parking lot of an auto parts store in Tijuana or the Tokyo Dome or the main event of WrestleMania, AEW Dynamite, you put him in any ring against any opponent, with no context whatsoever and just ring the bell, anybody watching he will suck into that match and they’ll feel like they’re watching a real struggle and be just completely sucked into the match for the duration of it against anybody, anywhere, anytime.

He is like the most perfect pure pro wrestler that I think has ever lived, I’ve taken a great deal of influence and inspiration from him, as I’m sure many pro wrestlers have.”

The full interview is available at this link.