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Josh Alexander is the Walking Weapon and the current Impact Wrestling X Division Champion. In this brief yet fun interview, we discuss his transition to a singles competitor in Impact, the departure of his tag team partner Ethan Page, how the X Division Title was always his goal, and even what stars that were released last month he wants Impact Wrestling to bring in and sign.

Listen to the interview in full at this link, or on YouTube at this link.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On being X Division Champion as a mat wrestler and not a high flyer: “It feels great! It is funny you should say that because I’ve said in a couple of prior interviews that the X Division Title is the one I’ve had my eyes on my entire career.”

On the X Division still being about no limits: “I think Impact needs to nail down exactly what the X Division is. They have said “no limits” for years because there is no weight limits on this thing – Samoa Joe is one of the best X Division competitors we ever had and he was almost 300 pounds. For me, growing up as a fan of TNA, watching Impact Wrestling, when that X Division graphic went up, you knew you were going to get to see bad a** pro wrestling! You were going to get to see guys go out there and do whatever it is they had to do to steal the show. To me, that is what it is now and that is what I look forward to making it even more moving forward.”

On D’Lo Brown praising Josh’s match with TJP from a recent Impact as the best he’s ever called: “D’Lo did mention that to me in passing. But, you know, it is pro wrestling! (laughs) You don’t always believe what people tell you. (laughs) There is a recency bias and all of that other stuff. To me, TJP is probably the best opponent I’ve ever stepped into the ring with ever. We’ve had three matches and each one has been regarded as a classic or exceptional. That is instant. Especially right now, with no crowds, you can’t tell by the crowd noise. But, as soon as I walk through that curtain, I know when I’ve had a great match with TJP. There is just this feeling in the air. That is why I would say he’s probably the best opponent I’ve ever had.”

On if it was challenging to go from a tag team wrestler to a singles in Impact Wrestling: “No, not at all. I’m not going to front – There was nerves! After two years of being very successful in the tag team division, I had to learn on my own two feet – So to speak. You know what I’m saying? There was nerves. But, I knew I had 14 years (in the business) before I joined Impact Wrestling wrestling all over the world in all different promotions against the best wrestlers in the entire world. So, I knew I had plenty of experience as a singles competitor. So, I knew that the second I had a chance to stand on my own two feet in the middle of that ring, I was going to get to show the world that.”

On the success of The North being the longest reigning Tag Champions in Impact Wrestling history: “You know, it was a promo line to say that we just wanted to go down in the history books. But, it is real now. And, it is a feather in my cap that I can always hold on to – That I’m in the history books and that I’m going to be remembered as one of the best Tag Team wrestlers in one of the best wrestling companies the world has ever seen.”

On if it was scary to have his partner Ethan Page leave Impact: “Yeah. But, it was only scary in the sense that opportunities don’t always come along in professional wrestling. So, there is always the uncertainty of them not knowing who is going to make the decisions and when to get an opportunity. I just had to wait my turn. Luckily, it came very quickly and I was able to show what I could do. But, initially, going into Hard to Kill, I had a pre-show match with Brian Myers. I didn’t know if someone from management would be watching and say, “This Josh has something.” But, that is what it is all about. Getting an opportunity and trying to hit a home run with it every time.”

On if he could possibly team up with Ethan Page again thanks to the Impact & AEW Working Relationship: “You know, that is the good thing about this “Forbidden Door” business. There are just too many dream matches that are out there from a tag team scenario for that not to be left on the table if these companies truly are working together. I think there are a lot of fans that would love to see The North against FTR, The North against the Young Bucks, The North against the Jurassic Express. You want to see all these matches that you could not see in Impact Wrestling when we were a tag team. I think it would be a good business decision to have that happen. But, the timing has to be right… Everything has to be right! You just have to keep trucking along and never say never.”

On his plans for Slammiversary: “I have no idea what I’m going to be doing. Hopefully I will still be X Division Champion and defending my title on what I think is going to be the biggest stage Impact Wrestling has ever had. It has only grown since last year’s Slammiversary with the Good Brothers coming in, the return of the Motor City Machine Guns.. There was a buzz about Impact Wrestling and the influx of new talent. And, it has only grown heading in to this year’s Slammiversary. We’ve had Kenny Omega come in and turn everything on its head by becoming our World Champion. And, now that Impact Wrestling looks to again be bringing in all these new scenarios and names, I think it is only going to bring more eyes to the product. So, hopefully I will be defending my championship on a bigger stage.”

On who from the recent WWE releases he’d like to see in Impact Wrestling: “For me, just as a fan, I would love to see Samoa Joe come in and try and get the X Division Championship from me. But, there are a lot of other talents. Samurai Del Sol – Before he went to WWE as Kalisto, he was being regarded as the next Rey Mysterio Jr but somehow that got lost in translation while he was there. I think the Iconics are great. I think Chelsea Green is great and would be an asset to the Knockouts Division. I’m just like you. I’m only speculating. I’ve not asked any of these questions and I don’t know anything. I just want to be pleasantly surprised along with everybody else.”

On if he’s eager to be back in front of live fans soon: “So, so very eager! (laughs) I can’t think of anything I want more from a professional perspective. To me, wrestlers are a lot like comedians in that you need that immediate response. True – Over the past year, we’ve proven we don’t really “need” it but without that immediacy, you really don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t really know if anything is good until it airs and then you’re going off of social media’s reaction. I think returning to the live crowd is going to be the best thing ever and I really can’t wait for that to happen.”

On Impact Wrestling heading into the summer and beyond: “Since I’ve been here over the past two and a half years, I’ve seen nothing but growth. Sure, people have gone but people have also come in. I’ve seen nothing but growth and increased positivity from the wrestling community towards Impact Wrestling. I think that is a testament to all the men and women in that locker room. We are all passionate professional wrestlers. We all want to succeed. And, we know that if we’re going to succeed, we have to make Impact Wrestling succeed. We’re all on the same page with that and I think it is only going to grow bigger now.”