Josh Barnett and Minoru Suzuki announced as part of a press conference on Wednesday that they will be bringing a Bloodsport Bushido event to Tokyo, Japan on June 22nd at the Ryogoku Kokugikan.

The matches will take place with shoot-style rules with no ring ropes and matches that can only end via knockout or submission.

While Barnett and Suzuki are the first two names confirmed for the event, Barnett stated that they would be looking for professional wrestlers and combat athletes from other sports to take part.

“At Bloodsport, we want to express the purest part of wrestling, there are various shows in professional wrestling and flashy performances are held all over the world, but there are so many different things out there, athletes sometimes get lost. I want to express what I’ve learned from so many legends like Antonio Inoki, Karl Gotch, and Matt Hume, I do both combat sports and professional wrestling, but when I’m wrestling, I once thought there’s something missing. I want to bring that spirit and heart back to professional wrestling and I want to create a place like that.”

Minoru Suzuki also spoke at the press conference to promote the event, discussing his participation in events including on a train, in a field and rings with barbed wire.