In an interview with The Irish Mirror, IMPACT Wrestling commentator Josh Mathews commented on a variety of topics, including his change of character in recent months.

“I’ve been a straight wrestling play-by-play announcer for twelve years. There was a very brief time a few years ago when I ‘turned heel’… It lasted all of about a minute! It was pushed back because of politics and different things back stage, but here I’m allowed to go that direction.

I can push the envelope here. I can go to places that maybe haven’t been visited in this role… I’m not always going to just like the heels and hate the babyfaces but there’s an opportunity for me to tell you who I like and who I don’t like without being worried about being screamed at through a headset to say ‘the right thing’. It’s refreshing after thirteen years in this World.”

The interview is available in full at this link.