New Japan Pro Wrestling sent out the following:

Jushin Thunder Liger rings in Bushiroad’s listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange!

On Monday July 29, Jushin Thunder Liger was among those on hand to mark Bushiroad Company Ltd.’s [TYO: 7803] listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, at a special ceremony at TSE Mother’s Market, ringing the exchange’s famous bell.

For such a prestigious occasion as a stock listing, Liger was of course dressed for the part, in full ring gear. The living legend greeted several members of TSE staff who were big wrestling fans before greeting the executives of Bushiroad. Owner Takaaki Kidani was particularly impressed at Liger’s appearance in full regalia.

Liger exuberantly rang the famous bell at the stock exchange to signify a new company being listed, before posing for the assembled press and attendees, which included famous voice actors and members of Bushiroad’s broad cast of characters.

Bushiroad’s president, Yoshitaka Hashimoto expressed how deeply proud he was of this recognition of Bushiroad’s achievements, and said of New Japan ‘NJPW has a 47 year history and a huge fan base at home and around the world. NJPW will continue to do great things; we appreciate your support.’

Said Liger about his part of the proceedings ‘It was the first time I’d done something like this, so there were some nerves there, but it was all done in an instant. I don’t know myself just how difficult it was, but I’m so happy for Bushiroad that they’re listed! For us wrestlers though, nothing changes. We go out all around the world and put on awesome matches, that’s it! From Bushiroad to New Japan, wrestlers to staff, we’re continuing to look ahead and move onward and upward!’