In a recent interview with Chris Jericho as part of the Talk Is Jericho podcast, All Elite Wrestling ring announcer Justin Roberts discussed his ring announcing career, how a suggestion from Cody Rhodes made things easier for him, introducing Sting and paying homage plus much more.

On how advice from Cody Rhodes made things easier for him: “In WWE, I was a ring announcer. Here in AEW, I’m brought in as a ring announcer, I’m not asked anything, or told to do anything, I’m not given a hey, we like this or no direction you know, it’s just we brought you in, because you’re you. So, Cody Rhodes had said, if you could be more of an M.C than a ring announcer, use your voice and use your volume. Cody was the one who really made it easy to just jump in here and do what I did and I was never an M.C in the WWE, so on commercial breaks, I would stand there with my hands folded, I couldn’t talk to the crowd, because we’re on a commercial break, and they played video packages or whatever they did. They didn’t want the arena reacting, they didn’t want noise as they might be shooting pre-tapes in the back.

On introducing Sting and paying homage to past introductions: “When I’m introducing Sting, everybody’s waiting to hear ‘This Is Sting’ right. That’s somebody else’s introduction and I don’t want to take that away. That was Gary Michael Cappetta. I’m trying to think, I know David Penzer did it, but I think Cappetta kind of started that, so I don’t want to take that away from Sting. I also don’t want to steal Cappetta’s thing, I want to pay homage to that, so when I do it, I want to go into ‘This Is Sting’, but you don’t give it to them right away, so I just came up with my own ‘This’, and the crowd is expecting ‘Is Sting’, and you go ‘Is The Legend’, ‘This’, and they start to pop, ‘Is the icon, this is’, and then, you get there and I’m not saying they’re popping because of my introduction, I’m giving the appropriate introduction.”

The full interview is available at this link.