In an interview with GO! Magazine, WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn commented on if she liked wrestling growing up, how she got into the wrestling business, appearing at WrestleMania and her thoughts on the event plus much more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

If she liked wrestling growing up: “I wanted to be exactly like my brother, and he loved wrestling, so I naturally loved wrestling. I was a tomboy and super athletic, and loved any kind of sports.It’s funny; I really liked Goldberg because he was such a bad (dude), and now I’m using “the spear” as my finisher as a little bit of a tribute to him. That’s a pretty cool full-circle moment.”

How she got into wrestling: “I played competitive soccer for about 15 years, and then I made a decision not to play in college. I got into fitness and bodybuilding, and I competed for a few years. I’ve always loved a challenge, so I tried out and won, and the rest is history. I loved it from day one, and I still love it.”

Her thoughts on this year’s Wrestlemania: “When it comes to Wrestlemania, I’m such a fan. Even though I’m part of it, I’m literally surprised and every single week — even when I’m watching from backstage — I can’t tear my eyes away from the show. Wrestlemania is our Super Bowl. So every show, as it gets closer and closer, something insane happens.”

The interview is available in full at this link.