In an interview with Bleacher Report, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto commented on winning the title, future opponents he wants to face, his opinion of Enzo Amore and more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On becoming the WWE Cruiserweight Championship: “I was really emotional when I won. I didn’t expect for me to win that day, that fast. What a special day. It was on the birthday of Eddie Guerrero, one of the great Latino inspirations of all time. Rey Mysterio and Eddie, they’re one of the reasons I’m here. They opened doors for luchadors like me to step foot in the WWE ring. Everyone deserves a shot. Enzo was closing those doors. I’m opening them.”

On future opponents he wants to face: “I want to work with all of them. I want to go against everybody. Everybody’s a world traveler. They all have experiences. They have all wrestled against the best. Gran Metalik’s a really known luchador in Mexico. He can go. He can even teach me a thing or two. I can’t even imagine the things we can do inside the ring.”

On his opinion of Enzo Amore: “The only thing that I believe he brought to 205 Live was his catchphrases. How long is that going to last? It’s going to get old. It’s going to get boring. And people are going to know, that dude can’t go. It’s just a matter of time.”

The interview is available in full at this link.