In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet as part of the INSIGHT With Chris Van Vliet podcast, WWE SmackDown superstar Karrion Kross discussed several topics, including the potential of a return to the WWE NXT brand.

“I don’t want to say I was dishonest, but I wasn’t entirely honest when I discussed how difficult being in lockdown was for me. During the whole pandemic, I was in Florida, a lot of my family was in Canada, some of them are older, I have family in New York, I didn’t know at the time, if it was a smart idea or even safe to go visit them, so I didn’t, I felt very isolated.

I was at work, which was a relief, I had Scarlett, but it was a difficult time for me, personally for all of us, it was difficult to get through and I was always hoping, while I was at NXT, that I would be able to get that Premium Live Event crowd, I never got that, the Takeovers that they did in New York, we had that little audience.

Whether they knew it or not, they were like family to me, even when they were booing me and calling me every name in the book, which they should have, because that’s what I was trying to elicit. In place of my family that I didn’t have at the time, I had that audience, I don’t think they realize just the feeling there, what that was like psychologically doing for me, that audience carried me through that period.

It would be nice to see them again, and it would be nice to do one of those Takeover events, the narrative should make sense and it should be under the right circumstances, I wouldn’t just want to go back for the hell of it, I would want to go back for something good for them.”

The full interview is available at this link.