In a recent interview with the WWE After The Bell podcast, WWE SmackDown superstars Karrion Kross and Scarlett discussed several topics, including their recent WWE return.

On their WWE return, Scarlett had the following to say, “The thing I was nervous about, I was nervous that I wasn’t going to feel those same butterflies anymore, because I had become almost too peaceful and content not being there. Going through day by day, I was like, I love wrestling, I don’t need it to make me happy. At one point, my identity was completely associated with my career, that was everything about it, I was most worried coming out, am I going to feel that, oh my God, everything is back and rushing in. It was just as special as the very first time I ever had my first match, it was perfect and amazing.”

Karrion Kross added to Scarlett’s comments stating, “It’s really hard to find the words, to want something so bad and then, to have to accept that’s not the reality anymore and then, to get a call one day out of the blue and be offered everything you were striving for, it’s pretty incredible. I remember my first match back on the indies after being released, I was worried what was going to happen, going into a small room after working giant arenas in WWE, whether that was going to voluntarily turn on when I heard music and it did. Even a small group of people in a small venue in Vegas, it turned on and I was like, I still love this. It didn’t have to do with the bells and whistles and smoke and mirrors and all the people, I still love to do this and entertain anybody, whether it’s a few people or a few thousand. You magnify that feeling, being in the arena, it was awesome. To see everybody again too, it was a good feeling.”

The full interview is available in full at this link.