Current New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar Kenny Omega was a recent guest on The Taz Show with former WWE and ECW superstar Tazz discussing the recent main event a the NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 11 event, his future plans, why he wants to change the business in his own way and more.

On what he might be able to discuss about his future, Omega (whose contract with New Japan expires on January 31st) stated that he was not being suspiciously silent or trying to make people think one thing to work them and said that a year ago, when AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were all signed by WWE, it opened the eyes of New Japan Pro Wrestling that they needed to break away from the standard one-year deals and said that he was one of the talents that were signed to unique deals. Omega said that after Wrestle Kingdom 11, he would not be on the New Japan Fantastica Mania events which was known as BULLET CLUB guys are generally not used on those events and that he effectively got time off to reflect and is using that time away to decide what is the best plan for him going forward.

When asked about what would direct his decision making, Omega said that he is not looking for monetary goals, but is looking to change the business as much as he can in his own way and wants to do something with impact, noting that he has come so far in Japan that he almost feels as if he has had a complete career there and is now mulling over what the next potential move for him could be and said that by almost winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and not getting there, he would hate to feel like he has walked away from Japan without that. Omega said that he was not sending out feelers, but was open to receiving them noting that after Wrestle Kingdom 11 and the buzz that he has gotten, it appears that the WWE are more receiving of seeing him in a way that would allow him to contribute to them and said that he does not want to just take a payday for money, but wants to contribute in a way that makes current fans happy and brings former fans back to the business and admitted that seeing how former New Japan Pro Wrestling talents have been used there has opened his eyes to the potential of that happening. Omega said that no negotiations have ended and that it is not a case of one company outbidding another in the end and that it is not a money situation and the decision rests in his hands.