In a recent interview with Wrestling Observer Radio, All Elite Wrestling Executive Vice President and talent Kenny Omega revealed that he is currently working with a torn labrum.

“So, torn labrum as you know is no laughing matter, that’s a surgery, but you know, I’ve got a very talented and unbelievable trainer and our doctors of course are always monitoring and making sure that we’re doing okay, but our trainer Bryce Ready, next-level kind of guy, he’s kept me together and in a condition where I’m able to perform as long as I make sure that I see him two, three times a week.

I can lift, I can do full range of motion, I just need to make sure I look after it and I can avoid that surgery. Of course, I can’t afford having that time off, if it gets worse, of course that’s an option I’ll have to consider, but when I have problems with my neck, my shoulder, my back, my knees and there are days when it’s all of them, every single thing is hurting, I go to the trainers, they kind of patch me up and I go out there and perform.”

The interview is available in full at this link.