WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens was a recent guest on Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast and touched on a number of topics, including former WWE announcer Kevin Kelly teaching him a valuable lesson during his time with Ring of Honor Wrestling.

“Kevin Kelly came into Ring Of Honor to do commentary and kind of work behind the scenes as well. And I remember him telling me that he used to work with Rock and Austin and he would see the same thing. Like, because he would see me if we had a pre-tape and I didn’t like the way it was, I’d ask to redo it and it would annoy some people, like the production guys or whatever or even whoever wrote the pre-tape or whatever.

And Kevin said, ‘look, it might be viewed as you being kind of hard to work with to some people, but I’m obviously not putting you in their league, but I’m saying The Rock and Austin used to do the exact same thing if they don’t like it,’ so, to me, that was a huge complement because I was like, ‘okay, so because listening blindly to what people are telling you, if it’s not you, it won’t work.'”

The interview is available in full at this link.