In a recent interview with FOX Sports, WWE SmackDown superstar Kevin Owens discussed several topics, including wrestling without a live crowd in attendance at WWE events.

“It really didn’t bother me and I really didn’t change how I worked at all, the only thing I changed is who I worked for, because even though I know there’s millions of people at home watching, I started having this mindset and I’ve had it before, but not as much as now that the crowds were gone, the people we work with, from the camera guys to the crew to the stage managers, the producers, everybody, but especially our camera people, they’ve all been there for a really long time and they’ve seen a lot of wrestling, so if I can do something that they’re entertained by, I know I’ve done something that everybody watching at home is entertained by, because they’ve seen it all like I said, so that’s really rewarding.

I’ve just kind of started working for them, because I know if they’re into it, people watching at home will be into it and yeah, I think that’s been a good way to go about it.”

The interview is available in full at this link.