WWE RAW superstar Kevin Owens revealed during an interview with wrestling historian Patric Laprade for TVASports in Canada that he has signed a new five-year deal with the company.

Owens stated that he would like to finish up his career with the company and that at the end of the five-year deal, he would like to stay around if the company wants to keep him, but that he will consult with his family also regarding that matter.

“Hopefully, I do not see why I would not finish my career with WWE. I just recently signed a new five-year contract with them. I do not intend to go anywhere. If the WWE wants to continue, if I want to continue and my family is ready for me to continue, I do not see why it would not happen. If it ends tomorrow, I would be very satisfied with the career I had as a professional wrestler.”

The interview, which is in French, is available in full at this link.