In a recent interview with the Sports Media With Richard Deitsch podcast, MLS 360 host and former WWE commentator Kevin Egan (fka Kevin Patrick) discussed several topics, including his departure from the company.

“Football was always going to win, if there was ever a collision, and there was one on the horizon, very clearly on the horizon, you know if I’m in Boise, Idaho on a Friday night for example doing SmackDown, how am I going to be in the studio in New York at 1pm on a Saturday, and this was coming.

I also wasn’t their long-term guy, they need someone who’s all in, Michael Cole has missed two shows in 27 years, and they deserve more, that chair deserves more you know, so for me, it was time. I wanted to leave, it got to a place where I had a chat with Michael Cole weeks before and I said look, if there’s a thinking here that I move on, fine, I’m good, let’s hug it out, let’s be on our way.

I still talk to Michael Cole on the phone. When we went through with the release and everything else, I told him he’s the best boss I ever had, and I stand by that, he’s a tremendous guy and everyone I worked with was great.

It’s a chapter in your life, I wasn’t overly upset about it at all, I don’t think they were, I think it worked out for the best for the product on TV and for me, I’m all in on what I’m doing now and I love it, but when WWE’s in Atlanta, I’ll pop down and I’ll say hello to some friends.”

The full interview is available at this link.