In a post on her official Twitter account, Killer Kelly revealed that she has pulled away from all of her wrestling commitments for the year, in order to fix her nose and her breathing.

Kelly’s post reads, “Unfortunately, I’m writing something that really annoys me and I wish I could avoid. Since coming back to wrestling, I’ve noticed that something is off. I tried my best to hide it, mainly because I wasn’t understanding what was happening. And because I wanted to keep on wrestling. Thankfully, none of you picked on it. And only my opponents knew what was happening. I’ve been having a lot of trouble breathing to the point that I couldn’t take a breath. And no, this isn’t COVID related because I’ve never had it/don’t have it. It’s “just” me being not callable of breathing. So with that said I’ve pulled away from all my wrestling commitments for the year and I’m going to take some time away to fix my nose and my breathing. I didn’t want to do this but health should come first.”