In a recent interview with The WrestlingINC Daily Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle discussed several topics, including the potential of him making an appearance for All Elite Wrestling.

“Right now, I would say it’s off the table, I’m okay where I am. The thing is, when I came back to the WWE, I wasn’t expecting what I got and I was very grateful. I got the Hall of Fame, I wanted the Hall of Fame, but I didn’t want it first, I wanted it last and I wanted to wrestle first. I took a year off from TNA,

I was wrestling Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Alberto del Rio, Joe Coffey, Zack Sabre Jr and a lot of great athletes and I was ready. When I was inducted into the Hall of Fame, that night Vince McMahon told me that I was going to be the General Manager and I was like, aw man, I wanted to wrestle, now they’re going to have me be inactive and I was active.

I only probably wrestled three matches in the next year and a half, so being inactive and not bumping in the ring and not really training, my body got arthritic and by the time I was wrestling for Vince, for the WWE, I looked like an old man. It just caught up to me, the inactivity. Believe it or not, everybody thinks that wrestling is the best thing for you, but that’s not always the case, especially in professional wrestling. If you’re not active in the ring every week, at least every week or every night, then you’re going to go stale, your body is going to become stiff and arthritic, especially when you’re in as long as I was.

The opportunity passed by and I decided that I was going to retire, I wasn’t supposed to retire when I did, but I told Vince that I don’t want to do it anymore and that’s when I said that I’d like to wrestle John Cena and he said that I can’t give him to you this year, because you had a program with Corbin the last 8 months that you’ve got to finish up and Vince was right, so I did it and he said that if you want Cena next year, we could talk about it, but I said no, I’m done this year, so that was my choice and I’m glad I stuck to it. I didn’t like the way I looked and it was a little embarrassing.”

The interview is available in full at this link.