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“Smiley” Kylie Rae joins the Wrestling Epicenter for the first time ever to discuss her run, thus far, with Impact Wrestling nearly 6 months to the day since she appeared first as a member of the full time roster. In that time, Rae has befriended the frightening… I mean charming and innocent, Susie and even found herself in a wrestling reality show within Impact on AXS TV, Wrestle House! Oh, and at Slammiversary, she became the #1 contender for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title.

We look ahead to Bound for Glory, her title opportunity (which might or might not be at Bound for Glory), and so much more in a fun and eventful chat. Kylie teams with Susie against Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee this Tuesday on Impact Wrestling on AXS TV. Check out ImpactWrestling.com for more details!

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On her 6 month anniversary of being with Impact: “I’m loving every minute of it. I know given the circumstances (the pandemic), it is not anybody’s ideal stereotypical experience in coming to Impact. (laughs) I was only signed for like a month and then the quarantine started. So, that was fun. But, it has been awesome because it kind of has brought everyone closer together. We’re all going through it together and it is something we haven’t experienced before. So, having that support system has been wonderful. I don’t have a bad word to say about it. Every time I show up there (in Impact), it is fun and it is not hard…. Well, it is hard. But, it is not hard like, I’ve had jobs where I would work 9 to 5 and I’d be watching the clock to see it turn 5 so I can go home and lie on the couch. It is hard because it is physically demanding. But, it is not hard like I feel the soul is being sucked out of me because I’m sitting at a desk for 50 hours a week selling insurance. That is a true story. I was sitting at a desk selling insurance for 50 hours a week and I was just miserable! I mean, it was fine and everyone at the office was nice. But, being able to wrestle? That’s the true love!”

On being part of Wrestle House: “I loved it. It was great. And, it was fun filming it too! We were in Nashville in the middle of summer so it was 100 degrees! I am so grateful to Impact because it was such a learning experience. We were able to see so many layers of characters that maybe we wouldn’t be able to see in just a match. So, I learned a lot about Kylie in stripping back the layers and finding out how in depth she can get. That is something I have struggled with for many years. Wrestle House, I loved it! I’m sure I’m not the only one who would say so. I felt I was biased so I started asking people what they thought of it. Of course there are people, you know, with new things, might not have been as receptive to it or have gravitated towards it. But, there were a lot of people who enjoyed it – That was nice! Very nice! I loved Wrestle House!”

On if she agrees that Wrestle House should’ve just been the whole Impact broadcast: “I know, right? (laughs) Well, I have heard there could be another Wrestle House in the future. So, we will see!”

On if she enjoyed acting during those segments rather than just wrestling: “When I first started, I didn’t realize how much theater and acting went into wrestling and how little wrestling was involved. (laughs) If you think about it, all the things that go into wrestling, wrestling is just a small part of it. I never really thought about acting but more stand up comedy. I’m still awkward when it comes to promos. But, if it is improv? I think that is why I enjoyed Wrestle House so much. We were able to just play off each other! Impact gives us some creative freedom and that is so cool!”

On connecting with the fans and her inspirations growing up: “They (Impact) focus on the entertainment and that is what helps the emotional attachment for the fans. That is what draws them in long term and that is what makes them a true fan of somebody. You know? Like, I was a huge fan of Shawn Michaels growing up but it wasn’t necessarily his superkick that made me a fan of his. It was that he was always the underdog, always fighting from underneath. I always felt like he was in pain and there were obstacles and there was a story. But, I don’t know if that makes sense at all. (laughs)”

On if she, like many other Knockouts, want the Knockouts Tag Titles Brought Back: “Absolutely. I would be all for it. I’m pretty unfamiliar with tag team wrestling. Most of my career, so far, has been in singles competition. So, tag team wrestling would be a whole new challenge. I love new challenges. I love finding new ways to be creative and challenge our minds because that is how we grow as people and as wrestlers. I feel bringing the Knockouts Tag Team Championships would be a huge benefit for everyone.”

On the Knockouts division being full of big characters right now: “Absolutely. I agree whole heartedly. I grew up loving wrestling. So, I truly love that we are at a place where we can truly focus and highlight women’s wrestling. Every single Knockout brings something different to the table. It is awesome to see every character play off of each other!”

On taking on Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee on this week’s Impact on AXS TV: “I am pumped! I mean, my heart is pumping because normally I get pretty anxious before wrestling anyway! (laughs) Anyone who knows me will tell you that. But, pretty much since before I was training, I’ve been a fan of Kimber (Lee) and Deonna’s also. And, Susie as well. I have had the opportunity to be in the ring with all 3 of them as opponents or tagging and I’ve loved every experience I’ve ever had with them. And I think Susie, Miss Susie Q! (laughs) She’s really progressing and she’s going to be able to handle herself. I think she’s going to be carrying me on her back this time. I’m pumped! It is definitely a match you don’t want to miss this Tuesday!”

On Ethan Page saying he considers Kylie among the best wrestlers in the world: “OK, let me wipe the tears from my eyes. (laughs) Words can’t describe how much Ethan Page means to me and that’s not just on a wrestling level – That is on a personal level and on a family level. Just the respect I have for him as a performer, as a father, and as a husband… He owns what he says and does. That is hard to come across in wrestling because a lot of people will talk the talk but when it comes times to walk the walk, they don’t do it. But, Ethan Page, if he says he’s going to do something, he’s going to get it done no matter how hard it is or how much time it is going to take, he’s going to get it done and you can’t tell him otherwise. That is truly inspiring.”

On if it was difficult to deliver a full PPV, Slammiversary, during the pandemic: “Yes, absolutely because it is a whole new obstacle to tackle. The way we get people to react in the crowd might be different than how people react at home. I’m still learning as I go. But, it has been fun. It has been a wild ride. But, that is what keeps us on our toes because wrestling is ever changing anyway.”

On the buzz for Impact going into Bound for Glory: “I would say that Impact has had some of the most buzz, maybe not ever but damn… (laughs) Sorry! It is dang close! Sorry, I don’t mean to curse! (laughs) But, Impact has been catching some buzz. And, that’s not for nothing! You know? We’re going to keep our heads down, eyes up, and keep doing what we’re doing!”

On if her Knockouts title shot will take place at Bound for Glory: “I don’t know because Bound for Glory is still so far away and I’ve come to the point in my career that I don’t believe anything until it happens! But, I think we should wait and see but we know that everyone, and not just the Knockouts, is going to bring something different to the show and that Bound for Glory is going to be… What is the thing the kids say now? Lit? (laughs)”