Major League Wrestling sent out the following:

Love is Blind Match set for Kings of Colosseum

Love, Doug and BRG will be blindfolded in a brawl live in Philly January 6

MLW have announced a Love is Blind Match: Love, Doug vs. Brett Ryan Gosselin at MLW Kings of Colosseum live and exclusively on FITE+ Saturday, January 6 at Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena.

Wrestling’s cupid and BRG will be blindfolded and battle it out live and exclusively on FITE+! Sign up for your FITE+ subscription now and enjoy a FREE 7-day trial!

Brett Ryan Gosselin made his presence felt on Thanksgiving when the supposed Thanksgiving tryst between wrestling’s cupid Love, Doug and “International Poster” B3CCA ended in sabotage.

Tragically, Doug did not enjoy a rendezvous with B3CCA… but a brutal beating at the hands of her boyfriend, Gosselin, known in some circles as “BRG.”

Bludgeoned repeatedly with a crowbar, Doug would suffer contusions, and several broken bones in his face.

Doug’s innocent crush sadly ended with his heart crushed as well as his face but it didn’t deter his desire to fight.

Who will triumph when their sense of sight is completely eliminated as both combatants are blindfolded?

Will Love, Doug’s heart guide him or will BRG send a violent message to the hopeless romantic?

Lock in your tickets now at and see it go down Saturday, January 6 in Philadelphia.