In an interview with Brian Fritz of Sporting News to promote tomorrow night’s live Destination X themed edition of IMPACT Wrestling, Low Ki commented on a various amount of topics, including the suspension of Alberto El Patron, where things stand with his main event title opportunity now and more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On GFW suspending Alberto El Patron: “It was definitely a surprise. I wasn’t sure as far as the direction of where things were going only, because when you have a pending suspension or a suspension that was established and then pending the internal investigation, it’s always up in the air as far as what’s going to happen and with a top priority in Alberto being the champion, it sucks, because I understand as a performer how much work in takes to become a World Champion. It’s an incredible amount of work just to be a wrestler, let alone trying to balance both your personal and professional life in the public realm. It’s one of those things where I feel for him but, unfortunately, this is what happens when you’re outside activities can hurt you in your professional life. Best of luck to him in getting everything situated and get him back on track with things but, for now, I got my sights set on the world championship.”

On where things now stand with his main even title opportunity: “I’ve been training for a championship match so either way, I’m prepared. I had my eyes set on a heavyweight, on Alberto, and that changes now. What does that do to the championship? I’m first in line to get a crack at it. The former champion (Bobby Lashley) is occupied and I’m left with no opponent. Where do you get an opponent from? So, this is going to be interesting over the next couple of days. As far as my preparation, my preparation never stops. I just came out of the pool after swimming about 20 minutes. I’m still moving forward as things have been planned. Nothing changes on my end but whoever is going to be in that position opposite me, they’re going to have their hands full.”

On watching the situation with Alberto El Patron unfold: “It’s one of those things where you’re not necessarily informed as far as what to watch out for as you mature in a professional environment. This is no different from any other professional environment whereas your personal relationships, if not managed well, can have an adverse effect on your personal life. It was unfortunate how things turned out for him but these are things he must address, that he must take care of in order to move forward. Again, from the wrestler’s perspective, I know how much work it takes just to reach the level of champion. For him to lose his championship in the fashion that he did, it’s just one of those things as a wrestler it sucks. As far as moving forward, this is a lesson for everyone who is paying attention. You gotta get your stuff organized. You have to manage your affairs very well. If not, they can have a really bad effect on you moving forward. Is this something which is avoidable? Every person and every situation is unique. It’s best to heed on the side of caution and start paying attention as far as your behavior and your activities both in and out of the ring.”

On how the Alberto El Patron situation reflects on the company: “This was an instance where this had no reflection on the company. This was the individual, the performer’s affairs that had gotten out of hand which created this situation. I wouldn’t regard it as anything relevant to GFW because they did their part in providing him opportunity to become a champion, which he did, and he had been generating momentum moving forward, especially with gearing up with the first encounter in GFW between he and I. Everything was moving forward but these were issues or instances that had relevance to him solely. It’s not the company’s responsibility to manage a person’s personal affairs. With that being said, these are things he must address. This is not stuff the company has to address because the company is doing what the company has always done which is continuing moving forward. With that being said, hopefully, things will work out in favor for him moving forward so he can rebuild and return but, at the moment, this is the situation and the circumstances we’re presented with. We have to move forward.”

The interview is available in full at this link.