AAA President Joaquin Roldan announced yesterday that Rey de Reyes in Monterrey on 3/17 will take place at the Plaza de Toros Monumental in Monterrey.

CMLL held a press conference today to announce a lot of news and they are the following:

– Dos Leyendas will take place on March 15th at Arena Mexico with the main event being Rey Cometa & Stuka Jr. taking on Namajague & Shigeo Okumura with the losing team unmasking and getting shaved and the semifinal will be Estrellita facing Amapola in a hair match. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. was there to represent his father who is being honored on the show but was confronted by eternal rival Universo Dos Mil which ended up in a brawl before agreeing to be in a match on the show. Another match on the show will see the finals of a 16-team Torneo Parejas Increibles tournament that starts on March 1st. The first 4 teams are:

La Mascara & Averno/Mascara Dorada & Mephisto/Maximo & Mr. Aguila/Rush & Damian el Terrible/Dragon Rojo & Niebla Roja

– Thunder will make his debut at Arena Mexico on March 29th.

– Arena Coliseo will have their 70th Anniversary Show on April 7th.

El Luchador the reality show based around CMLL talent will begin airing on MTV Tr3s on March 10th starting with the 1st season.

Sexy Star vacated the Reina de Reinas title on Tuesday which is why they are holding a tournament starting on March 1st but didn’t give a reason why just saying that she would say soon.


AAA 2/18 – Lienzo Charro Ignacio Leon Ornelas de Irapuato (TV taping)
1. Argenis & Flamita beat Argos & Ultimo Gladiador with Hijo del Texano coming out afterwards and beating them up before challenging anyone to face him.
2. Atomic Boy/Fabi Apache/Pasion Kristal defeated Gran y Mari Apache/Black Mamba with Atomic & Gran Apache bleeding.
3. AAA Minis Title: Dinastia beat Mini Psicosis to win the title. Drago & Psicosis Original were the seconds before being kicked out due to interference.
4. Drago/Fenix/Joe Lider defeated Los Perros del Mal (Daga/Halloween/Psicosis Original) with Psicosis stapling a Perros del Mal shirt to Drago afterwards.
5. AAA Trios Titles: The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) beat El Consejo (Hijo del Texano/Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr./Toscano) to win the titles when Toscano used a steel chair given to him by Argenis on Texano to give the Clowns the pin. Toscano of course officially quit Consejo afterwards.
6. Chessman & Parka Negra defeated El Mesias & L.A. Par-K who was pinned after a foule by Chessman and cover by Parka Negra.

CMLL 2/18 – Arena Puebla
1. Centauro de Fuego & Siki Osama Jr. beat Dinamico & Tigre Rojo Jr.
2. Artillero & Blue Center defeated Asturiano & Bengala
3. Lightning Match: Astral beat Pequeno Olimpico and Astral demanded a shot at the CMLL Mini’s Title afterwards which Olimpico accepted.
4. Los Cancerberos del Infierno (Cancerbero/Raziel/Virus) defeated Magnus/Starman/Stigma
5. Blue Panther/Shocker/Stuka Jr. beat Misterioso II/Morphosis/Olimpico
6. La Mascara/Mistico II/La Sombra defeated Kraneo/Psicosis/Volador Jr. by DQ when Psicosis fouled Mistico and Volador ripped his mask for good measure after the match.

CMLL 2/19 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. El Divino & El Idolo beat Demonio Maya & Evola
2. Esfinge & El Gallo defeated El Barbaro Cavernario & Exterminador
3. Goya Kong/Luna Magica/Marcela beat Tiffany/La Vaquerita/Zeuxis
4. Delta/Guerrero Maya Jr./Triton defeated Black Warrior/Ephesto/Vangelis by DQ when the rudos ripped off the tecnicos’ masks.
5. Shocker (subbing for Mistico II)/La Sombra/Valiente beat Averno/Mr. Niebla/Volador Jr. by DQ when Averno fouled Shocker.

CMLL 2/19 – Arena Mexico
1. Oro Jr. & Robin beat Akuma & Espanto Jr.
2. Metalico/Sensei/Soberano defeated Bobby Zavala/Disturbio/Hijo del Signo by DQ when Signo fouled Metalico.
3. Fuego/Hijo del Fantasma/Sagrado beat Puma King/Sangre Azteca/Virus
4. Lightning Match: Tiger defeated Diamante
5. Angel de Oro/Atlantis/Maximo beat Dragon Rojo/Mephisto/Polvora
6. Blue Panther/Brazo de Plata/Diamante Azul defeated Felino/Negro Casas/Rey Escorpion

Independent 2/16 – Auditorio Municipal de Tampico
1. ?
2. Sergio Aragon & Loco Castillo (retirement match) defeated Las Aranas Malignas I y II
3. Aero Star & Super Fly beat Angel Mortal & Escoria
4. The Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker/Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker) defeated Elegido/Gronda II/Joe Lider
5. Cibernetico & Octagon beat Perro Aguayo Jr. & Parka Negra

Independent 2/17 – Arena Neza (Alvarado Family Show = Shadito Cruz Benefit Show)
1. Dark Lady/Goya Kong/Muneca de Plata beat Cassandra/Marcela/Sahori
2. Por la Copa Toreo de Cuatro Caminos: Brazo de Oro/Brazo de Plata/Canek/Solar I defeated Gran Markus Jr./Negro Navarro/Sangre Chicana/Villano III
3. Torneo Cibernetico por la Copa Juniors: Brazo Celestial beat Robin
4. Torneo de Parejas – Semifinals: Brazo de Platino & Super Brazo defeated Hijo del Canek & Hijo del Fishman
5. Torneo de Parejas – Semifinals: La Mascara & Maximo beat Sepultura Jr. & Valiente
6. Torneo de Parejas – Finals: La Mascara & Maximo defeated Brazo de Platino & Super Brazo
7. Por la Copa Shadito Cruz: La Mascara & Maximo beat Cien Caras Jr. & Hijo del Mascara Ano Dos Mil when after La Mascara was fouled by Cien Jr., Psycho Clown ran out and returned the favor allowins his familia to win.

UWE 2/16 – Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Los Gemelos Fantasticos I y II beat Lover Dragon & Magia Negra
2. 3 Way Dance: Chica Tormenta defeated Cinthia Moreno & Mari Apache
3. Aero Boy/Dement Xtreme/Paranoico/Violento Jack beat Los Bastardos(Epitafio/Leviathan/Samael/Tormento)
4. Eterno/Judas el Traidor/Negro Navarro defeated Daga/Decnis/Solar I
5. Dr. Wagner Jr./Pirata Morgan/Villano IV beat El Consejo (Hijo del Texano/Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr./Silver Kain) with Wagner going over MA2K who wanted a mask/hair match afterwards but Doc denied him.