There were a lot of angry people last night regarding CMLL not airing any matches from the Dos Leyendas show on Terra which has become a weekly home for matches from the Friday night shows since August and the Sunday shows even longer. The promotion posted a note on their Facebook page one hour before the show that there would be no telecast but very few saw it before the show.

Hard to believe it’s been 5 years but today is the anniversary of the untimely death of AAA legend Abismo Negro.

Here is what I posted 5 years ago:

“Maria Elena Ibarra broke the story last night on Noroeste that the body of Andres Alejandro Palomque Gonzalez also known as Abismo Negro was found in a river near Mazatlan at 1:30 PM after supposedly having a nervous breakdown on a bus where he forced the driver to pull over. Gonzalez was very despondent at the scene and no one knows what really happened other than he fell into the river and was trapped in the mud thus couldn’t get out. Gonzalez sent a text message to his wife telling her that he was lost in the hills by the river and she got in touch with Vicente Martinez who is the local promoter in Mazatlan who began the search. The search party showed up after going around the local towns showing photos of him trying to get any information and they eventually found his body floating down the river by a bridge. The body was then exhumed from the river and was positively identified as Gonzalez by Jesus Lopez who is the local coroner and he determined that Gonzalez had an anxiety attack which led to the events that caused him to get stuck in the river. Lopez then said that anabolic steroids that Abismo had been supposedly taking at the time could’ve triggered the attack. I’m not sure if they will continue an investigation on this or not or whether there will be an official autopsy. Televisa broke the news nationally last night and AAA soon followed on their website but neither had any more details. There are tons of rumors going around on whether the death was natural or foul play being involved which considering Gonzalez’s past is definitely an option. Gonzalez was 37-years-old.”

And then two days later:

“The funeral for Andres Alejandro Palomque Gonzalez aka Abismo Negro was held yesterday at Casa Pedegral de la Casa Funderia J. Garcia Lopez in Villahermosa where the entire AAA staff and other wrestlers attended along with family and friends to pay their respects. The funeral started late due to the body arriving late but everything went as planned. Abismo’s wife Blanca Perla Garcia gave a eulogy fighting away the tears as she looked at her children and out of the wrestlers that paid their respects Aero Star & Black Abyss were the most inconsolable since Abismo was their mentor. AAA had banners that they placed on the casket along with a mask and EMLL sent over a crown as well. AAA Owner Joaquin Roldan gave a brief statement to the press after the funeral and said that he would support Abismo’s family to the fullest and that he would retire the gimmick along with a tribute show being in the works. It was also announced that Abismo would be cremated.

Super Calo stated to Super Luchas that Abismo was like his brother and they spent the early part of their adult life working together and at times living together with Abismo’s wife. Calo said that he & Abismo then known as Winners were part of the foundation of early AAA having many successes before taking his mask in a match that he cherishes as one of the greatest moments of his career. Calo said that they hadn’t been in contact as much as he would’ve liked but he would always remember the great times they had.

Hijo del Santo was asked if steroids had a place in Abismo’s death and he said that he didn’t know if it played a role in his death like many of their American counterparts but it is becoming a big problem in Mexico that must be addressed. Santo said that these guys go to doctors and get the supplements they need to get bigger and it ruins their health and he has seen Groon XXX personally have many health problems due to his usage. Dr. Luis Martinez who is a psychiatrist for the ABC Neurological Center said that the circumstances of Abismo’s death could’ve been due to steroids because the symptoms were there as he wasn’t using his better judgement due to the anxiety and anger that could’ve been enhanced by steroids. Dr. Martinez said that when those symptoms take control there isn’t a whole lot you can do to stop it if you aren’t strong enough mentally to control yourself.

In other Abismo news, Abismo was supposed to have worked Saturday night in Cancun but didn’t show up so they put someone else in the outfit.

At the Arena Puebla show on Monday night the wrestlers paid tribute to Abismo with a 10-bell salute and some had comments on the situation. Mistico said that no one knows of the circumstances of Abismo’s death but God and he hopes that he is with him now. Sangre Azteca said that at this time business doesn’t matter only friendship among the wrestlers and this lets him know that you never know when it is your time to go.”


CMLL 3/21 – Arena Mexico (Dos Leyendas drawing around 10,000 fans)
1. La Maquina de la Destruccion (Damian el Terrible/Rey Bucanero/Vangelis) beat Brazo de Plata/Stuka Jr./Titan
2. Ephesto/Mephisto/Negro Casas defeated Blue Panther/La Sombra/Volador Jr. with the latter two again having issues and they will face off in a singles match next week.
3. Torneo Parejas Increibles Nacional – Finals: Atlantis & Euforia beat Maximo & Rey Escorpion who also couldn’t get along here.

Cien Caras & Salvador Lutteroth were honored for the Dos Leyendas ceremony next and Cien was joined by his brothers and his sons (El Cuatrero & Sanson) who will be debuting for EMLL this week.

4. Caballera contra Caballera: Marcela defeated Dalys la Caribena who got her head shaved for the first time ever.
5. Los Guerreros Laguneros (Gran Guerrero/Niebla Roja/Ultimo Guerrero) beat Los Estetas del Aire (Mascara Dorada/Mistico II/Valiente) and the Guerreros demanded a CMLL Trios Titles shot afterwards which they get next week.
6. Caballera contra Caballera: Rush defeated Shocker who got his head shaved for the first time. The crowd was totally beind Shocker here and he demanded a rematch afterwards but the hated Rush said he wanted Negro Casas next.

Independent 3/21 – Arena Queretaro
1. Angel Rebelde/Golden King/Gremlin beat Dark Crazy/Speed Demon/Star Boy
2. Drabek I/Rey Centella/Chica Yeye defeated El Castigador/Fuego Latino/Sangre de Dragon
3. The Corps Clown (Broke the Clown/Dave the Clown/Rothen Clown) beat Dance Boy/El Lince/Soldado Diabolico
4. Black Terry/Negro Navarro/Shu el Guerrero defeated Atomico/Los Dragones de Oriente I y II in the usual solid Maestros match.
5. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Veneno (subbing for Black Warrior) beat L.A. Par-K & Pantera I when Doc fouled and pinned Par-K.