In a funny moment on Twitter this weekend, the original Sin Cara went on a tirade after the current Sin Cara posted a picture of him being in the Scooby Doo/WWE crossover movie with the original Sin Cara shouting out “FRAUDE FRAUDE” and putting Triple H, Vince & Stephanie McMahon’s Twitter handles in the post as well. Of course he deleted it soon thereafter.

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) were supposed to work the Chilanga Mask show yesterday in Coacalco but Matt announced late Saturday for reasons beyond their control with rumors being their deposit wasn’t met. The promotion said yesterday it was a case of their flight being overbooked so there is a conflict of stories.


Chilanga Mask 3/23 – Arena Coliseo de Coacalco
1. Lightning Match: Robin beat Ikaro
2. Astro Rey Jr. & Psycho Kid defeated Fulgore I & Karma
3. Por la Copa Internacional Tercera Caida won by Freelance – Other participants: Ares/Golden Magic/Dinamic Black/Tornado/Magnifico/Zurdog/Sadico/Maverick
4. X-Torm & Zarco beat Dr. Cerebro & Eterno with Zarco hitting Doc with a chair so hard it knocked two of his teeth out.
5. Las Traumas I y II defeated Hijo del Pirata Morgan & Rey Bucanero and they demanded an hair/mask match afterwards.
6. Impulso beat Mascara Dorada
7. Super Libre: Black Terry defeated Guerrero Maya Jr. by DQ in a bloody match with Maya demanding a hair/mask match afterwards.
8. Negro Navarro & Solar I beat Arkangel de la Muerte & Rey Hechicero
9. Titan defeated Belial
10. 4 Way Extreme Dance: Aero Boy defeated DJ Hyde/Kaientai/Masada to earn a spot in the CZW Tournament of Death.

CMLL 3/23 – Arena Coliseo
1. Molotov & Sensei beat Espiritu Negro & El Rebelde
2. Pequeno Olimpico & Pequeno Warrior defeated Mini Fantasy & Ultimo Dragoncito
3. El Sexy Team (Dark Angel/Estrellita/Goya Kong) beat Las Ladies del Polanco (Princesa Blanca y Princesa Sugei)/Zeuxis
4. Lightning Match: Virus defeated Sagrado
5. Brazo de Plata/La Sombra/Valiente beat Felino/Olimpico/Ripper
6. Diamante Azul/Marco Corleone/Maximo defeated Averno/Polvora/Rey Escorpion by DQ when Scorp fouled Maximo.

CMLL 3/23 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. Relampago Azul beat Indigo
2. William Rock defeated Angel del Mal
3. Demonio Rojo & Evola beat El Divino & Virgo
4. Smaker defeated Espectrum
5. Black Metal/Leon Blanco/Sky Kid beat Acertijo/Demonio Maya/Malefico
6. La Dinastia Panther (Blue Panther/Black Panther/Cachorro) defeated Puma King/Tiger/Vangelis

IWRG 3/23 – Arena Naucalpan
1. Hip Hop Man & Latigo beat Arana de Plata & Power Bull
2. Alan Extreme & Emperador Azteca defeated Fulgore II & Imposible
3. Black Terry/Centvrion/Dr. Cerebro beat Rayan/Tony Rivera/Spartan
4. Relampago/Super Nova/Veneno defeated AK-47/Danny Casas/911
5. Hijo del Dos Caras/Mascara Purpura/Toscano vs. Canis Lupus/Las Traumas I y II