CMLL & Terra continued a fun week of miscommunication and other issues as there was no telecast of the Friday show, then on Sunday there were technical difficulties until about half way through the show, and last night they aired the Busca de un Idolo Torneo Cibernetico with just an hour warning through their Facebook page which was easily missed by many people. Quite the cluster indeed.

Today was the En Busca de un Idolo press conference which will start on 4/4 and it was announced that Negro Casas & Virus will be the trainers this year and the judges will be Mr. Niebla, Shocker, Tirantes and a 4th judge that will rotate weekly as well as Tony Salazar who will play the moderator.

The teams were picked at random and are the following:

Team Casas: Cachorro/Dragon Lee II/Soberano/El Barbaro Cavernario

Team Virus: Star Jr./Super Halcon Jr./Guerrero Negro Jr./Rey Hechicero

It was also announced that there would be the annual anniversary shows at Arena Coliseo on 4/6 and Arena Mexico as a building on 4/27.

Maria del Angel who was among the group of the first luchadoras to work in Mexico City after the ban was lifted in the 1980’s passed away on Monday after suffering a stroke while at a show at Arena Jalisco in Guadalajara where she was going to be honored. Maria was also married to one of the most underrated luchadores of his era in Bestia Salvaje who died 6 years ago. Descanse en Paz.


CMLL 3/24 – Arena Puebla
1. Black Tiger/Star Jr./Tigre Rojo beat Espiritu Negro/King Jaguar/Siki Osama
2. Astral/Asturiano/Electrico defeated Blue Center/Espiritu Maligno/Sauron when Espiritu fouled and pinned Asturiano.
3. Lightning Match: Stuka Jr. beat Virus
4. La Dinastia Casas (Felino/Puma King/Tiger) defeated La Dinastia Panther (Blue Panther/Black Panther/Cachorro)
5. Los Invasores (Kraneo/Morphosis/Ripper) beat Los Guerreros Laguneros (Euforia/Gran Guerrero/Niebla Roja)
6. Volador Jr. defeated Mephisto with some distraction from his former friends the Invasores who got into a verbal altercation with Mephisto before the match. The Guerreros ran out afterwards to send them packing.

CMLL 3/25 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. Esfinge beat Rey Trueno
2. Demus 3:16/Pequeno Violencia/Pierrothito defeated Astral/Electrico/Ultimo Dragoncito
3. El Gallo/Leo/Starman beat Camorra/Shigeo Okumura/Sadico by DQ when Camorra fouled Leo and there were hair match challenges thrown around afterwards.
4. Blue Panther/Sagrado/Valiente defeated La Familia Dinamita (El Cuatrero/Sanson/Universo Dos Mil) by DQ when Cien Caras who was there with his sons attacked BP.
5. La Peste Negra (Felino/Negro Casas/Mr. Niebla) beat Atlantis/La Sombra/Volador Jr. after Sombra & Volador fell apart yet again. They challenged each other afterwards.
6. Rush defeated Shocker by DQ due to excessive violence.

CMLL 3/25 – Arena Mexico
1. Apocalipsis & Inquisidor beat Bengala & Leono
2. Hombre Bala Jr./Molotov/Sensei defeated Espanto Jr./Los Hombres del Camoflaje (Artillero y Super Comando)
3. Pegasso/Stigma/Stuka Jr. beat Kamaitachi/Sangre Azteca/Virus
4. Torneo Cibernetico por un participation En Busca de un Idolo: Cachorro/Dragon Lee II/Soberano/Star Jr./Super Halcon Jr./El Barbaro Cavernario/Guerrero Negro Jr./Rey Hechicero were the final 8 men and advanced to compete in the tournament. Order of Elimination: Flyer/El Rebelde/Herodes Jr./Espiritu Negro/Black Panther/Canelo Casas/Oro Jr./Metalico
5. Averno/Ephesto/Tiger defeated Brazo de Plata/Maximo/Mistico II when Averno ripped off Mistico’s mask and pinned him then demanded a shot at his CMLL Welterweight Title afterwards.

Promociones Bella Airosa 3/23 – Arena Cisneros de Oaxaca
1. Amazona & Luz Clarita beat Estrellita Magica & Lola la Texana
2. Estelar/Jungla Jr./Xtreme Fly defeated Challenger Jr./Chokman/Endeavor
3. Muerte Bucanera/Mini Barba Roja/Piratita Morgan beat Multifacetico/Mini Batista/Mini Rey Cometa when Piratita fouled and pinned Multifacetico.
4. Oaxaca Middleweight Title vs. Campeonato Latin Americano: Tony Cisneros defeated La Chona with a Martinete to become a doble campeon.
5. Atlantis/Rush/Super Aguila beat Negro Casas/Mr. Niebla/Nitro by DQ when Rush faked a foule by Nitro after he fouled him himself.

SACCOMATS 3/23 – Arena Neza
1. Star Fire & Yuka beat Davinha & Paloma Rouse
2. Dement Xtreme/Pandemonium/Pandemonium Jr. defeated Fulgore I/Galactico/Magnetico
3. Los Payasos Tricolor (Cocolores/Coco Rojo/Coco Verde) beat The Corps Clown (Broke the Clown/Dave the Clown/Rothen Clown)
4. Chac-Mool/Mascara Sagrada/Neza Kid defeated Damian el Terrible/Hooligan/El Rebelde by DQ when the rudos ripped off the tecnicos’ masks.
5. La Mascara/Mistico II/Volador Jr. beat Los Guerreros Laguneros (Euforia/Gran Guerrero/Ultimo Guerrero)