AAA 6/30 – Plaza de Toros la Concordia de Orizaba (TV taping)
1. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) beat El Consejo (Argos/Hijo del Texano/Toscano)
2. Teddy Hart defeated Jack Evans who was attacked by El Consejo afterwards until Dr. Wagner Jr. ran out which brought out security to keep him & MA2K Jr. apart.
3. Cuervo & Ozz beat Chessman & Brutus Magnus but Chessman attacked Cuervo & Ozz with a ladder afterwards until Vampiro made the save.
4. Daga & Halloween defeated Extreme Tiger & Juventud Guerrera – Before the match, Daga was announced as the newest member of Perros del Mal in a ceremony before the match that featured Perro Aguayo Jr. saying that El Mesias is too injured to compete at Triplemania XX which brought out Mesias who disagreed.
5. Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr. beat Dr. Wagner Jr. with help from Mascara Ano Dos Mil. Electroshock came out to help afterwards but El Consejo attacked him until Psycho Circus made the save. Doc wants a mask match with MA2K Jr. at Triplemania.
6. Cibernetico/Electroshock/L.A. Par-K defeated Los Perros del Mal (Perro Aguayo Jr./Hector Garza/Psicosis Original) with Psicosis being put through a table by Electroshock to win. Dorian Roldan appeared on the AAAtron afterwards and announced that Jeff Jarrett would be the first member of his team that will take on Team Joaquin Roldan at Triplemania. Par-K then begged Joaquin to be the first member of his team which caused Joaquin to think a bit before consenting. The losing Roldan will get his head shaved.

CMLL 6/29 – Arena Mexico
1. Metalico & Starman beat Cancerbero & Raziel by DQ when Cancerbero ripped off Starman’s mask.
2. Rey Cometa/Sagrado/Stuka Jr. defeated Misterioso II/Puma King/Virus
3. Lightning Match: Valiente beat Ephesto
4. Diamante Azul/Maximo/Rush defeated Mr. Aguila/Rey Bucanero/Volador Jr.
5. Dragon Rojo/Euforia/Ultimo Guerrero beat Atlantis/La Sombra/Titan
6. Steel Cage Match where the loser must shave or unmask: Princesa Blanca eliminated Goya Kong who unmasked as Gloria Alvarado Nava, 25-years-old, with 7 years experience. Other participants: Dalis la Caribena/La Seductora/Marcela/Tiffany/Lady Apache/Dark Angel/Estrellita/Amapola/Princesa Blanca

CMLL 7/1 – Arena Mexico
1. Leono & Sensei beat Apocalipsis & Disturbio
2. Demus 3:16/Nitrito/Pequeno Warrior defeated Aereo/Mini Fantasy/Nino de Acero when Nitrito used the ropes to pin Aereo.
3. Mr. Cacao/Fuego/Triton beat Arkangel de la Muerte/Escandalo/Hijo del Signo by DQ when Arkangel fouled Cacao.
4. Lightning Match: Delta defeated Tiger
5. Hijo del Fantasma/Shocker/Titan beat Mephisto/Niebla Roja/Polvora
6. CMLL Trios Titles: La Tercia Sensacion (Marco Corleone/Maximo/Rush) defeated Kraneo/Olimpico/Psicosis to retain their titles.

IWRG 6/28 – Arena Naucalpan
1. Infierno Kid & Matrix Jr. beat Alan Extreme & Serpiente de Oro
2. Douky & Eita defeated Centvrion & Mr. Magia
3. El Comando Elite (Factor/Rayan/Spartan) defeated Chicano/Danny Casas/Golden Magic when Factor ripped off Magic’s mask and pinned him.
4. Heddi Karaoui/Scorpio Jr./X-Fly beat Dr. Cerebro/Trauma II/Veneno who turned on Trauma II and helped Scorp pin him.
5. Cien Caras Jr./Hijo del Mascara Ano Dos Mil/Niko defeated Damian 666/Bestia 666/Super Nova