In an update on the fourth season of Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network, the show is said to be moving forward in 2018 with significantly less funding than they had in the previous three seasons of the show and as of now, is expected to begin taping in March, with the airdate for late-May.

Alex Garcia and Antonio Cue-Navarro, who had a large role in funding the first three seasons of the show are said to be no longer willing to invest in the show, feeling that their investment has been enough for the promotion over the past 3 seasons, however the budget from The El Rey Network will remain the same and won’t be reduced, with the feeling that El Rey Network will commit to two further seasons at least. There is also a belief that due to this, some of, if not all of the performers, will no longer be under an exclusive contract to the promotion, freeing them up to work with companies including WWE, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and IMPACT Wrestling.

For those wondering, this now means that the show will be operating without the additional funding under a reduced budget and that bigger names such as Rey Mysterio and Alberto El Patron, who have appeared over the course of the first three seasons, may play a less significant part due to finances and that localized talent may be given more of an opportunity going into the fourth season.