Dave LaGreca sent out the following:

1994 Royal Rumble winner and former WWE, NWA and WCW superstar “The Total Package” Lex Luger was a featured guest on today’s episode of Busted Open Radio, hosted by Dave LaGreca and Doug Mortman. Busted Open Radio airs Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s on Sirius 94 and XM 208 from 2 – 4 p.m Eastern.

Lex Luger on whether he was contacted by the WWE about the HOF: “I heard from a buddy of mine this morning, I didn’t see it, that they were going to do something with the Hall of Fame and the Four Horsemen and it looked like they were going to plug Barry Windham in there. I know the original group was with Ole (Anderson). So I always thought it would have been Ric (Flair), Arn (Anderson), Tully (Blanchard), and Ole with JJ (Dillon) which was the original group. Barry Windham obviously is a wonderful choice. I know he has some health struggles. What an honor that would be and maybe a real boost to both Barry and his father who also has some health issues. I think that would be very cool at the Hall of Fame to see Barry get inducted.”

Luger on Windham as the pick for the Horsemen for the Hall of Fame and not him: “I think Barry Windham would be a splendid choice for getting inducted. What a great honor for him. I think it would be a great time in Barry’s life right now from what I hear, for him to receive that. I’m going to be down in South Beach for Wrestlemania. I wouldn’t miss it. I will be in the audience cheering on the guys who gets selected as the Four Horsemen. Im just thrilled that I was a part of it at all. I think Barry is a great pick.”

Luger on whether he feels slighted: “I’ll be totally honest, I really don’t. My career in retrospect and you guys know the place I’m in, in my life right now and to be mentioned in the same breath with the famed Four Horsemen. To be a part of that in the time I was. I think Barry is a wonderful selection. I’ll be there to give him a standing ovation and cheer him on. I am happy I was ever a part of that group so I don’t feel slighted at all. They give careful thought I’m sure when they do this. I think Barry would be a great addition. If they are not going to go with Ole then Barry is a great choice. Guys it would really be a toss up after Ole, and WWE for whatever reason is very careful with their selection and give a lot of thought to it like I said. It really could be any of us and if Barry is the selection. I love Barry. He is a great talent and I am all for it, I really am.”

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