Jordan Garber sent along the following:

Luke Gallows was recently on WrestleTalk In The D on Open Talk 313 The Flash with Martez Ale and Jordan Garber. You can listen to past episodes at

Highlights are below:

On what AJ Styles said when Gallows left the WWE: “He said he was sorry, which he didn’t have to say and I wasn’t looking for an apology from him, but it’s been well documented and AJ said it himself over on his streaming service that he felt responsible for us staying when we wanted to leave as well. WWE kept wanting to pile more money, that wasn’t the final reason we stayed, the reason we stayed was to be there and to roll with our buddy. We ended up getting released when the pandemic hit, but I couldn’t blame him for that, he couldn’t see the future, he just wanted to do what was best for his friend and that was to convince us to stay and we ended up staying, but nobody forced us to do anything and at the end of the day, we made that decision, right or wrong, so there is no hard feeling there at all and AJ called me after 20 minutes when it was online and we talked and I told him what I am telling you guys now. I don’t fault anybody for anything that ever happened in my career and at the end of the day, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and this has turned into nothing but a huge positive. You can’t look in the rear view mirror, you’ve got to keep stepping forward.”

On making IMPACT Wrestling his next destination: “Karl and I both have a long history with Scott D’Amore. Scott helped me when I was leaving TNA years ago to go to New Japan, Scott put me into contact with those people, putting together a very nice deal for me at the time. He’s always been a business associate, but also a good friend. They put together a very nice offer that had an unlimited schedule, but the most attractive thing about it was the people at IMPACT were fully on board with co-promoting our brand. We want to promote their brand and they wanted to promote ours, so they promoted the Talk N Shop podcast, they are helping us promote our Talk N Shop PPV, our Talk N Shop beer that we are coming up with. With all of this stuff we have in the works, it’s really nice to be on board with somebody that wants to help you with your outside projects, because with the motto at WWE, there is not a lot of room for that type of promotion and especially to do it on their television show. That was a really big deal for me, at the end of the day, me and Karl just felt like it was the right place to go.”

On what type of legacy he wants to leave behind: “I hope that I was able to entertain you. I am the original good brother, everyone uses that phrase around the business now to talk about how people are and things like that, so be a good brother and be a good sister and everything will be okay.”