In a post on his official Instagram account, Insane Championship Wrestling founder Mark Dallas announced that he has departed the promotion.

The post reads, “6 months ago I decided to leave pro wrestling to look after a family member who had a major operation and to pursue other avenues of entertainment that I never had time to explore whilst involved in wrestling full time. When ICWs 6 year long WWE deal ran out I endeavoured to make sure the company found a new streaming deal and sponsor before calling it a day to ensure it would continue on. I then left Scott Reid in charge knowing he was the right man to lead the charge for ICWs future. I started the company to be an artistic release from my lifeguard job, wanting to run four shows a year in the Maryhill Community Central Halls back in 2006. What followed was a snowball effect that led to me and a group of friends achieving our wildest dreams and then some. The memories will always hold a special place in my heart and I look forward to what ICW does next, rejuvenated with Scott at the helm. I still own the ICW brand so I will always in some way be attached to the company but I also look forward to what’s next in my life. I’m closing I want to say LONG LIVE IC F***IN’ W!”