Ring of Honor Wrestling sent out the following:

Michael Elgin vs. Matt Hardy

At Final Battle 2012, ROH World Champion Adam Cold defended his title against Jay Briscoe and Michael Elgin, both of whom claimed to be the true champion. The arrogance and confidence of anyone – even Adam Cole – should have been shaken going into a match with the odds stacked against him and two huge men with two huge grudges standing across the ring.

But leading into Final Battle, Adam Cole arrogantly promised ROH through a series of blogs and interviews that he wasn’t worried at all. He had a plan. He had enlisted the guidance of a mentor.

All speculated at who could be whispering in the ear of the champion. In the Hammerstein Ballroom it was revealed: an alliance has formed between Adam Cole and MATT HARDY. A year ago, there’s no way anyone could have seen this coming. But as we witness Adam Cole’s previously honorable, humble veneer chip away more every day, he’s becoming the perfect counterpart to the always self-centered, selfish Matt Hardy. Hardy helped Cole retain the title and he’s been at his side ever since.

Adam Cole will have his hands full on February 21st. At the 12th Anniversary, he defends his ROH World Championship against Chris Hero. But earlier that night, his mentor will face an “Unbreakable” force of his own: at the 12th Anniversary, it will be a one-on-one showdown of “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. Matt Hardy!

Interestingly, Hardy himself is the person who issued this challenge and Elgin, of course, accepted. Elgin has been on a path of destruction in recent weeks, rampaging through Ring of Honor as he tries to get his hands on Adam Cole one more time. Is Matt Hardy so devoted to helping Adam Cole that he’d throw himself in front of Michael Elgin?

Elgin will never lose focus on the ROH World Title – he believes he’s the rightful champion and has pinned Adam Cole to prove it. What better way to send a message to Cole than defeating his mentor? That is, of course, if Adam Cole is still champion after the 12th Anniversary.

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