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“The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” Joins Podcast Heat

Podcast Heat is set to get extreme this January with the launch of “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.” The new weekly podcast starring ground-breaking professional wrestler Matt Hardy, and hosted by Emmy-Award winner Jon Alba drops Friday, January 7th, with new episodes becoming available every Friday.

“I am one of the most fortunate men alive, as I have been able to fulfill all of my dreams thanks to pro wrestling,” said Matt Hardy. “Throughout my journey, I’ve had many successes and failures, which I’ve always learned from. I’m exceptionally excited to share my insights and thoughts, about both pro wrestling and life, to help fans have a better understanding of ‘The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.’”

Matt Hardy’s career is one of the most unique in pro wrestling history. He has been a box office draw for every company he has performed in, and has established himself as a trailblazer for industry trends through reinvention of his character, style and approach to the wrestling business. Along the way, Hardy had to overcome many personal and professional hurdles that threatened his career, and in some cases, his life.

“The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” will navigate through some of the life-changing moments in Hardy’s career and connect them to their impact on the professional wrestling industry. The podcast will also gives Hardy, who is a current performer for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a platform to share his thoughts and perspectives on the numerous current-day promotions and talent in the wrestling worlds.

“I have long thought Matt Hardy was one of the most underappreciated creative minds in wrestling history, and there’s so much untapped knowledge he has to offer not just fans, but today’s generation of performers,” added show host Jon Alba. “The goal of this show is to educate the audience every week on the art of storytelling, character development, reinvention, and give life lessons in overcoming hardships. This will be different from any other pro wrestling podcast you’ve heard, and I’m incredibly grateful for Matt allowing me to help tell his stories in a way that I believe will leave an impact on wrestling fans everywhere.”

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