Former WWE and IMPACT Wrestling star Matt Morgan revealed on his official Twitter account that he will be undergoing back surgery today, stemming from a long-term injury, revealing that surgeons wanted him to get the operation in 2010, but he was against it and was told that if he does not get it done immediately this time around, he could lose all feeling in his left foot.

“Please keep me in your prayers gang as I go in for back surgery at 6am! In a game of basketball, I dunked it, but when I landed, felt a huge bolt of electricity shoot down my spine, all the way down my left leg and foot. Back in 2002, when I first started wrestling, I originally hurt my back, it led me to severe opioid addiction. After being a functioning addict for the early years of my WWE career, I finally got help and now, 17 plus years still sober, but this has been the most excruciating pain I’ve ever dealt with in my lifetime. I can’t take any painkillers for it, because I have to maintain my sobriety, I got an epidural, nothing, then got a nerve block injection, that lasted for four hours and then it got worse after it wore off.

Each progressing day, my left foot has gotten more numb, met with five surgeons, both spinal and neurosurgeons and we’re doing a reflex test on my left foot, they said if I don’t get surgery ASAP, I will lose all feeling at it. Years later, there was a time when I was wrestling with TNA IMPACT Wrestling where I set my opponent up on a table, Bubba Ray Dudley, on the outside of the ring, and I went to the top rope where I jumped off in a leg drop position (non-wrestling fans: a seated 90 degree position) and the spot called for him to move out of the way, while I went through the table, crashing in that 90 degree position, right through to the concrete floor on my tailbone.

That was the next time I felt that same bolt of electricity and numbness to my left leg, I was able to rehab it, get a nerve block injection in my spine to make the pain go away, but I was able to finish off my wrestling career in 2014 virtually pain-free. Since then, I’ve never had any lower back issues thanks to naturally treating it, but nothing I’m doing is helping and I have no choice but to now get this surgery. Technically, they wanted me to get this surgery back around 2010 if I remember correctly, but I was adamant about staying away from any kind of surgery, because of the horror stories I always heard. While performing my 2 jobs this week, and in the excruciating pain I’ve been in, I’ve had to be on a pair of crutches just to take SOME of the weight off of my left leg to stop that S1 nerve from continuing to cause me crazy pain, so really, I have no choice but this surgery, as per all five surgeons and pain management specialists I’ve spoken to.

I’ve never had to have a serious surgery in all my life from my wrestling career, or anything else for that matter, which I’ve always felt very blessed for, considering me being 7 feet tall and the majority of my life being over 330 pounds, playing Division I college basketball as well on top of it, that’s a lot of stress on the body, so surgery has been very foreign to me luckily, but it’s also making me 10 times as nervous about this upcoming surgery, because of my inexperience in this department. Love you all very much, and any prayers you can send my way that everything goes as perfect as it can to fix this problem in my L5/S1, left leg and left foot, you have no clue how much I would appreciate. Please and thank you again.”