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Matthew Riddle was a recent guest of The Shining Wizards Podcast where he discussed his time in the UFC, his opinion of UFC President Dana White, working on the independent scene as a wrestler, whether WWE have an interest in him and more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On calling Dana White an a******: He’s always been. He’s a business man. But I always got asked about him and, you know, I wouldn’t say he’s the worst person in the world because he’s not. But he’s definitely a business man and cut throat, and you know if he can save money or make money, he will.

On whether WWE is interested in him: I know they keep an eye on me and people asked about me and they talk about me. You know, and I never really heard them say a bad thing. I know they did pass on me last year before WrestleMania. So, it’s been a while. But, you know I don’t think anything’s changed. I’m doing my thing, they’re doing their thing. They’ve signed a lot of UK talent. They’ve signed a lot of talent from Evolve, from the States. I think they’ve got their hands full. I think they’re good. Now maybe after WrestleMania, maybe they’ll be looking to sign more people. But even then, the track I’m on, I really like what I’m doing and the steam I’m building and I like the fan base that I have.

On his upcoming match with Pentagon: I’ve never worked Pentagon before. I’m really excited, and I really like the clash of styles. When you got a guy like my style, MMA style, and a guy like Pentagon who’s a luchador. He’s agressive, I’m agressive. He’s been wrestling for a while and I see nothing but fireworks for that match. I see it being an easy night for me and the crowd going crazy.

On whether CM Punk should have tried MMA: Oh him? Yeah! He got to fight in the UFC on PPV for a lot of money. That’s a sweet deal. Even if you get your a** whooped in 2 minutes or whatever time it was, that’s still , I mean there are guys that get beat up for like two hundred bucks on like an Indian reservation. So like CM Punk literally just made out like a bandit, so he did good.

Matthew Riddle also discussed working for Gabe Sapolsky, whether or not he’d ever return to UFC, some video game talk, and much more!

The interview is available in full at this link.